Winter offers to keep you moving
Dear Customer,

As a valued customer within our Fiat family, you will know that we build our cars to be fuel efficient and to minimise impact on the environment through very low emissions. Like many thousands of other owners, this may well have influenced your own decision to buy a Fiat car.

Like most things, changes can take place over a period of time and cars are no exception. The rigours of today’s motoring, whether long distances at speed or short town journeys have the effect of diminishing the efficiency and performance of a car.

To ensure that your car continues to meet your expectations and performs as designed, periodic and specific checks are recommended. Please see our latest offers below which we suggest will help you and the environment.

Please give us a call now to arrange a booking or to ask us any questions. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.


Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belts are a fundamental component ensuring your Fiat functions to our manufacturer’s standards. If a problem occurs, this could lead to expensive, costly repair work and even a new engine.

We recommend you replace your timing belt every 4 years or 36,000 miles. If your vehicle falls into this category, please call your local Fiat Approved retailer to arrange your booking.

Please note, this information should only be used as a guide. For exact details please refer to your user handbook or for further information, please contact the Service Department at your local retailer.

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Brake Inspection

How effective are your vehicle’s brakes?
Do you experience any of the below signs when driving?
Car takes longer to stop than usual.
Car goes off track when braking.
The brakes give off a grinding noise.
There is juddering or crunching from your brake pedal.
Your brake pedal drops lower to the floor than it used to.

If so you really need to get your brakes checked now so why not take advantage of our Brake Inspection for just £9.99.

Even if you don’t suffer any of these problems, it is still advisable to get your brakes checked as brakes along with tyres are the most important part of your vehicle, and should be maintained in good condition at all times to ensure you stop safely!

Available at participating dealers, please contact your local dealer for more information.


Pothole Damage inspection

Free damage inspection every time you hit a pothole.

If your wheel hits a pothole the damage can go much further than you think - From a fine and penalty points for a defective tyre, to the serious safety implications of faulty steering or braking, hitting a hole in the road can cause all sorts of serious problems. And it’s no good blaming the Local Authority – it’s their road, but your duty to maintain your car.

So if you’ve hit a pothole, we’ll give you a FREE DAMAGE INSPECTION to ensure your vehicle is safe and legal thereby help avoiding a hole in your wallet.

Available at participating dealers, please contact your local dealer for more information.



Ensure your car is in perfect working order whatever the weather or season. Visit your local Fiat dealer for free essential checks, which include a battery test, a wiper blade fitting and tyre check.

No appointment is needed. For further information, please contact your local participating Fiat dealer.