What is myFiat?

It is your reserved area on fiat.co.uk where you can find custom tools, advices and exclusive promotions for you and your Fiat.

Which and how many cars can I register and manage?

You can save in your registered area one or more cars belonging to the Fiat Chrysler Group. You can log in your reserved area on fiat.co.uk, alfaromeo.co.uk, fiatprofessional.co.uk, abarthcars.co.uk and soon even jeep.co.uk using the same credential you chose during the registration.
For the moment, the vehicles registered before 2000 and some imported Jeep® models will not be recognized.

What is the my car’s “Identity Card”?

It is the section within your registered area that contains all the information on your Fiat, such as your car specifications and the start and end date of your warranty.

What can I find “Your appointments” section?

It is a section where you can quickly and easily store your most important appointments for you and your car such as your insurance end date or your service date. If you want, you can receive a reminder previous to the events.

What can I find in “Your wishlist” section?

It is your wish list. You can find and add all the accessories and the merchandising you want for your Car from any of sites belonging to the Fiat Chrysler Group.