What is it?

The battery an energy source that allows us to start the vehicle and power the on-board accessories. Nowadays, the battery is one of the main elements that determines the correct operation of the car's electrical components and electronic systems. Original batteries by Mopar® are designed to offer optimum electrical integration: an efficient and balanced system conceived in line with the specific characteristics of your Fiat.


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Did you know?

They don't like the cold

They don't like the cold

As we reach winter or the colder temperatures approach, a weak battery may not provide sufficient energy to start a cold engine.

The best preventive measure is to carry out a check of the battery and recharging system every year, in order to ensure full efficiency during winter. Any Fiat Authorised Dealership or Service Centre can check the efficiency of your battery through the diagnosis socket.

If you need to replace the battery on a vehicle fitted with Start Stop technology, we recommend that you follow the instructions in the owner handbook exactly.

Increased energy efficiency

Increased energy efficiency

Start Stop batteries have been developed and certified to withstand an increased number of start-ups compared to a standard battery.

Powering electrical devices with the engine switched off requires more frequent charging compared to standard applications and needs a greater electrical current during recharging; to restore the correct charge status and activate the Start Stop quickly, a higher charge acceptance is required. The active positive and negative materials in original Start Stop batteries are optimised to increase overall charge acceptance.

Intelligent Battery Sensor

Intelligent Battery Sensor

Vehicles with Start Stop are fitted with an IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor) integrated with the battery, which assesses the charge status and health of the battery. These two parameters guide the Start Stop system in the activation and deactivation of the function.

The IBS has an internal map linked to the specific Start Stop battery assembled as original equipment: using a different battery may lead to false readings and incorrect estimations of the aforementioned parameters, affecting the Start Stop strategies in the vehicle's electronics.

It is therefore recommended that you replace Start Stop batteries using original spare parts with the same technical characteristics as the initial system.

FIAT’s tips

If you begin to have difficulty starting your vehicle, it may be necessary to replace the battery, because a battery near to the end of its life cycle may no longer be capable of accumulating the energy produced by the alternator.

To extend your battery life:

  • Ensure that the doors or other areas of the vehicle connected to a sensor which switches on the service lights are closed and the ceiling lights are switched off
  • Do not keep electrical devices such as the sound system or hazard lights switched on when the engine is not running unless absolutely necessary, and anyway only for a short period of time
  • Regularly check the battery fluid level: using the vehicle when the level is too low may damage the battery irreparably. If the fluid level is excessively low, visit a Fiat Authorised Service Centre
  • Check the ignition circuit before summer and winter to avoid faults caused by seasonal temperature changes: battery performance tends to reduce during very cold and very warm periods
  • Have your vehicle checked annually at an Authorised Service Centre to ensure the charge of your battery


Battery fluid is extremely poisonous and corrosive. Always have your battery replaced by the team of professionals at Fiat's Authorised Service Centres, fully equipped for the disposal of your old battery in total respect for the environment.


The first indicator is the battery symbol warning light which flashes when the engine is running, especially upon acceleration with the engine in neutral. When the vehicle is in motion, the indicators and lights will start to operate with anomalies, until the engine is switched off.

The car will struggle to start and there will be electrical component anomalies.